A Memorable Campout Wedding in Ojai, California

In June I ventured to Ojai, California for an event that I will always remember and forever hold close to my heart. 

I’ve only really been alone in this world for one single minute before my best friend and twin sister Katie joined me. I’ll never understand how anyone learns how to walk, talk, drive, date, sneak out of the house, basically how to do all the important things in life - without a twin sister. I always assumed that I’d eventually have to share her with someone, but I never expected him to be so perfect for her. 

Katie and her fiancé John planned a wedding to remember. His family, my family, and the entire wedding party pitched tents, setup camp, and bonded over s’mores and stories around the campfire. We spent three days adventuring around Ojai together, hiking, playing games, and prepping for their wedding day. 

While camping was unforgettable, the memory that will stay with me always is watching Katie walk down the aisle towards her soon to be husband. She was glowing with joy and excitement. Her happiness has always been my happiness, and I couldn’t help but smile with her all day long. 

Katie wore our mother’s ruby necklace, her mother-in law’s engagement ring, and the Laurel Gown from our collection. She added a beautiful lace detail to the sleeve making it a truly personal and sentimental ensemble, one that both Jann and I felt so honored to be a small part of.

I'm forever grateful for my twin sister, and that I get to share her with someone that loves her just as much, if not more than I do. That's all I ever could have wished for.


Kelly Bryan

Take a peek below at the beautiful details from Katie and John’s Wedding. I would absolutely recommend a campout wedding, it was magical! Think peach cobbler, lawn games, picnic tables, and the cutest club house you've ever seen. Enjoy! 

Location: Camp Comfort in Ojai, California 

Photography: Palms and Pines Photography 

Wedding Dress: Jann Marie Bridal 

Florals: Freckle Farm Flowers  

Rugs & Decor: Otis and Pearl 

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